How to Maximize on Minimalism 

– When adding new pieces, try to picture yourself wearing them 6 months from now. If not, you can probably pass.

– Purge everything you haven’t worn in the last year. Stop holding on to your past by holding on to your skinny and/or chubby jeans. If you haven’t worn it in a year, chances are it won’t be missed.

– Focus on keeping and buying well made items that go well with most of the items you already have.

– Stick with tops that can work with jeans or dress pants. Look for dresses that can go from day to night with a simple addition or removal of an additional piece.

– Instead of buying trendy, stick to classic. Spice things up with accessories instead.


4 comments on “How to Maximize on Minimalism 

  1. Definitely agree with you to stick to classics and to stop holding on to old clothing! I sometimes buy a few seasonal trendy pieces just for fun but mostly keep my wardrobe very minimal, classic and timeless 🙂

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